You're paying too much for reagents

But that's because you're not actually paying for reagents. You're instead paying for the overhead costs of large corporations. You're mostly paying for vacation time, administrative staff, executive compensation.

80-99% of the cost of most reagents used in a Life Science laboratory have nothing to do with quality.

We're here to change that.

  • Golden Standard

    All of our products are tested head-to-head vs the golden standard.

  • Forged in the fire

    Our products are in dozens of laboratories across North America which has allowed us to further refine our products to ensure wide compatibility across different platforms, tools and protocols.

  • Quality Control

    We keep our overhead very low. We have no administrative staff. We don't have a fancy website (this here is a shopify store). We spend money on one thing and one thing only: ensuring we produce the highest-quality products we possibly can.

You've been told that 'inflation' is the reason prices have sky rocketed.


That's the profit of one of the large corporations in 2022 alone.


2X Taq Master Mix

This all-in-one powerhouse combines the reliability of Taq Polymerase
with the convenience of a master mix, streamlining your experimental
workflow while delivering exceptional results. Our CSR 2X PCR Taq Master
eliminates the need for tedious manual preparation, allowing you to
focus on your research.

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5X RT Master Mix

Designed to match the properties of industry-leading reverse
transcriptases, this master mix offers unparalleled performance while
saving you precious time. Benefit from the convenience of a ready-to-use
master mix that accelerates your reverse transcription process without
compromising quality. Join the ranks of researchers who are achieving
exceptional cDNA synthesis results with CSR's cost-effective and
high-quality 5X Reverse Transcription Master Mix.

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DNA Isolation Kit

Experience the gold standard in genomic DNA isolation and purification with the CSR Genomic DNA isolation and purification kit.

Designed to deliver exceptional purity and yield, this kit guarantees
results that are on par with market leaders. Streamline your DNA
extraction workflow and unlock the full potential of your samples
without breaking the bank. With CSR's unparalleled cost savings to
quality ratio, you can trust that your genomic DNA isolation needs are
met with precision, reliability, and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you afford to make these products so inexpensive?

We aren't!

All we've done is stripped away the corporate fat and what you're paying is the actual cost of R&D, manufacturing and quality control.

Corporations have duped researchers into paying exorbitant prices for research products under the guise that they are getting a higher quality product by paying a higher price. All while raking in billions in profits.

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